Squash Winter Turks Turban


Zaai instructies

Squash can be sow indoor and outdoor:


From April to May, Sow signly into pots adgeways into compost. Cover tray with glass, polythene or propagator lid. Keep at approx. 15ºC-20ºC. Seedlings appear 7-21 days. Remove cover when seedlings appear. At 5-6 leaf stage stand outside for a few days (avoid frosts). Transplant in 90cm. apart in growing position. Keep moist and weed free.


From May. Sow 2 seeds per position 90cm apart. Cover lightly with fine soil. Firm gently and keep moist. When large enough thin to one seedling per position. Keep moist and weed free.

"Amazing looks and sweet, nutty taste for pies, baking and decoration"

Intriguing, attractive fruits with tasty, firm sweet flesh are produced in good numbers on vigorous plants. This heirloom variety is also great for autumn decoration. Try a delicious gratin of mashed squash mixed with egg and cream, topped with breadcrumbs and cheese.